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Enterprise Social Software is used within business contexts. It includes social media and networked modifications to intranets. Enterprise 2.0 is a system that provides rapid and agile collaboration, plus information sharing within the extended enterprise. Both concepts require a culture of open innovation and active engagement toward a shared vision. We can help you assess your organization's readiness to build an Expert Network. Your leadership team will benefit from our proven track record of enabling multinational organizations to capitalize on their human assets. And, we'll show you how to fuel Digital Growth by tapping the unique attributes of a global remote working distributed workforce.

About the GeoNetworker Founder:

David H. Deans is the Senior Partner of David H. Deans & Associates, and the founder of GeoActive Group.

GeoActive Group is a professional services company that specializes in market development. Offering a unique blended methodology of strategic wisdom and tactical street smarts, we enable you to convert our empirical research-based guidance into measurable results utilizing Agile methodologies and Design Thinking.