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Challenge: Harness the Passion

Tom Peters, the most influential business thinker of our time, has a core rant in his book entitled "Re-imagine: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age" -- he says we desperately need to remove unnecessary organizational barriers, and bypass the egos of the petty tyrants (the legacy passive-aggressive managers), and the harmful negativity of the habitually apathetic. Nevertheless, for the many weary organization leaders, a lingering question remains -- how do you change and adapt?  How do you transform a culture of 'institutionalized mediocrity' into 'passion and performance'?

The Movement - TalentNexus | GroupFusion

The Cause: GeoNetworker is championing a bold goal -- to conceive and design an open-source software platform that enables enterprise thought-leaders to find each other, to dialogue, to share tribal knowledge, to develop bonds that stand the tests of time, and to inspire the pursuit of truly remarkable collaborative peer-group projects.

The Analysis: Corporate and government leaders alike sincerely believe that their people are their greatest single asset. But, middle managers operate within a sphere of denial and lassitude, because a candid assessment of their supposed huge talent-pool often uncovers a mere talent-puddle. Why? The simple truth is that a growing number of large organization employees admit that they don't care enough to be impassioned about their work. The following quote characterizes this modern culture issue.

"Most people tiptoe carefully through life so that they can make it safely to death." -- An excerpt from The Seeds of Greatness by Dr. Denis Waitley, a recognized authority on high level achievement and personal excellence.

The Solution: Don't let Dilbert become your unofficial organization mascot. Take decisive action now, and learn the key principles that define an Enterprise Talent Networking methodology. Demonstrate that purposeful engagement is the standard ethos of your establishment.

TalentNexus | GroupFusion: learn how to actively unite your collaborative talent brokers across the Global Networked Economy.

The ecoSystem: We envision a hybrid peer-to-peer open-source software platform that incorporates the ability for users to easily create and maintain a customized individual Digital Portfolio that highlights their intangible assets -- where the full depth and breadth of a person's 'intellectual capital' can be collected in context -- then combining that capability with any web services standards-based Commercial Social Networking forum to actively connect the links within The Open Organization and its talent-chain.

The Movement: What is The Open Organization? It is an organization that engages participative communities both inside and out -- responds to opportunities more quickly, has access to resources and talent outside the organization, and inspires, motivates, and empowers people at all levels to act with accountability.

The History: These underlying theories are an evolution from our founder's original application scenario for a "Sales Effectiveness System" prototype -- now commercialized as "PowerSeller." David's ethnographic research of telecom service provider salespeople, and their differing work habits, led him to join the start-up executive team at WhisperWire, Inc. (acquired by Convergys) where he conceived and branded their prototype B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) product suite.

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